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Landscape Concept and Design

If you know a change is needed, we can help you and or a homeowner decide what the best route is and then we will provide you with a full color computer drawing to help ease the decision-making process. Roots Landscape will work close with every client throughout the concept phase and make sure the all our clients receive the final design they had always imagined.

Full Landscape Construction

Whether it be new construction, or changing the existing landscape, we have it covered. Anything from planting grass and installing sprinklers to retaining walls for terraces, we have the skill and know how to ensure the property reaches it’s maximum potential and we can do it all at very competitive prices.
Rock & Block Retaining Walls
Sprinkler System Installation & Repair
Subterranean Irrigation
Paver & Concrete Flatwork
Water Features
Lawn & Landscape Maintenance
Erosion Control
Seasonal Maintenance
Snow Removal & Blowing
Tree & Shrub Pruning

Lawn Care

We know how hard it is to find good help, especially with the economic times as they are. You can depend on our meticulous team to trim the grass, prune the trees and hedges, and remove the weeds. Our lawn maintenance rates start at $35 depending on the size of our your lawn. Our tree pruning and hedges rate start at $45, we guarantee that you will be happy with our services and our entire pruning is insured so if anything happens to your plants out of the natural we will replace them at no extra cost. We also services your sprinkler system and blow out your system when the winter arrives, give us a call for a free estimate.


Dethatching is a slicing action by series of vertical blades that rotate and slice into the turf. Dethatching pulls up dead grass and clippings that have been left underneath the healthy turf in a visible brown carpet. This layer of thatch prevents water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the soils and roots. Dethatching is process that is a little more aggressive then aerating but it also prepares the soils for reseeding and new green growth. The estimate is done depending on the square footage of the lawn.


As the name implies, aeration is the process that will air out the soil. It serves two purposes; it alleviates the compacted soil and cultivating soil with small disruption. It is a job that needs some heavy equipment to puncture the soils and pulls out soil cores. Removing soil cores improves the water-oxygen exchange in the soil alleviates compaction. The estimate is done depending on the square footage of the lawn.

Fall / Spring Clean Up

We know some things are hard to plan for with our year round company we cover any aspect that has to do with taking care of the landscape. If you need your leafs raked or blown we can handle the job for you, our rates start at $45 per yard depending on the size and amount of leafs on the ground. We take care of relocating all of the debris at no extra cost from our quote. In the spring we can help you get your flowerbeds and lawn ready to receive the new seasons of the year.

Snow Removal

You will be able to rest at ease knowing that the snow from your properties will be removed for safe passage. Sidewalks and driveways can be slippery slopes here on the Palouse and at the first sign of snowfall, we will be ready with our shovels and plows to make sure your properties are free from snow and ice our rates for snow removal start at $35 per snow push, we also have monthly winter services starting at $100 Depending on the size of area that we are clearing.

Sprinkler Systems + Irrigation

We will design and install a sprinkler system for you that maximizes efficiency and coverage. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or make improvements, let our experience work for you. As experts in water management, we can reduce your water usage while improving the health and beauty of your landscape.


The Best in the Biz

After working in the business for 14 years and obtaining a bachelors degree in landscape architecture, Pedro Garcia chose to build his own company here in Twin Falls, ID. Roots Landscape is a company that is family owned and committed to the ideals of strong ethics and personal attention to every customer. Roots Landscape aspires to grow in the next several years to eventually own a nursery and rock yard as well. Building a strong foundation for the future of the company, we pay close attention to details to provide quality services. In addition to our design-build department, we have a professional garden care department that is available to help with any pruning of shrubs and trees, lawn care, and general maintenance of flower beds. Snow removal services are also provided in the wintery seasons at any hours of the day or night. The company embraces the ongoing growth of technological advances in the design-build landscaping industry and will continue to fill niches in this particular area.


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